Established in 2000 by Wayne C. Garner III,
Big Sky Aviation is a family owned & operated aircraft maintenance company.

About us

Big Sky Aviation has experienced & highly trained mechanics to service your piston, turboprop, rotor & jet aircraft. Our base location is at PBI, we also have five mobile repair station trucks to service aircraft at all other airports in Florida. In addition, Big Sky Aviation owns four aircraft that we use for servicing aircraft in the Bahamas, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, as well as expedited service to other airports.

Our services

  • Major & routine inspections.
  • Major & minor repairs & alterations.
  • Structural repairs.
  • Composite, fiberglass, kevlar & carbon fiber repairs.
  • Interior repairs, installations & upgrades.
  • Paint, N-number change, logos & bright work. 
  • Overnight cleaning & detailing service.
  • Avionics repairs, installations & upgrades.
  • Non-destructive testing.
  • Pre-purchase evaluations.
  • Engine washing.
  • Tire service.
  • O2 service.
  • N2 service.
  • Special Flight Permits.

Our customers

We service part 91, part 121, part 125, part 135 & foreign registered aircraft. Some of Big Sky Aviations customers (fractional & 135) include: Flexjet, Segarve, Pegasus Elite, 26 North, New World & numerous others. We service Delta Air Lines, Republic Airlines, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Continental Airlines, United Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Gulfstream among others at PBI & FLL for aircraft & GSE maintenance.


  • Piaggio P180 Avanti aircraft maintenance.


24 hour maintenance line: (561) 307 1521